I wrote this chapbook called Summer, & it’s coming out shortly — the launch is October 27, 2016 (Facebook invite here). It’s a bit about what’s called, in psychology, being off “the social schedule,” so the temporal un-syncedness is so wrong it feels right. The publisher, Desert Pets Press, created a gorgeous design that I’ll keep a surprise till the launch. This picture, above, happens to be my favourite photo ever, and is somewhat apt. I don’t want to say TOO much so I’ll just post the epigraphs: 

“A young man is afraid of his demon and puts his hand
over the demon’s mouth sometimes and speaks for him.
And the things the young man says are very rarely poetry.”
— D. H. Lawrence


“They think they are happy because they are not moving.”
— Tristan Bernard


p.s. …& listen to the playlist.


2 new poems in The Puritan

Two new poems of mine are in the newest issue of The Puritan. One is called “Talking w/humans is my only way to learn,” & the other is called “Steven’s echo.” Both of these will also be in my forthcoming chapbook, which is called Summer. Enormous thanks to the editors & the guest poetry editor of this issue of The Puritan, Sonnet L’Abbé.

Poems here.


2 new poems in The Fiddlehead

The Fiddlehead 268

I’ve got two new poems in the summer issue of The Fiddlehead, called “P-town sonnet” & “An update on the search for gravitational waves.”

“P-town” refers, of course, to that paradise called Provincetown, MA, at the tip of the Cape, where I went last year for a week-long workshop with one of my favourite living poets, Nick Flynn. I was so out of my element & had so many epiphanies there! From the poem: “Everyone wants the photograph without/the world in it.”

“An update on the search for gravitational waves” is a long-ish poem about ripple effects on your life from the past… the blood & leaving/blood & leaving.

On another note: one of the things I hope I never get over is when you get your copy of a mag with your poem, & you see so many people you know and admire in there, too. In this issue are a bunch of fellow poets I am proud to call my pals, including Michael Prior, Cassidy McFadzean, Shane Neilson, Dani Couture, Dina Del Bucchia, & Ben Ladouceur.