Six Questions with Prism Poetry Contest Judge Karen Solie

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Karen Solie was recently interviewed by Prism and to my surprise mentioned my forthcoming book. Goodness.

Who are the poets who’ve been grabbing your attention lately?

As a mentor and instructor for a number of writing residencies and university programs, I’ve worked with quite a few truly impressive early-career writers. Those who have books out recently or have first books forthcoming include Sandra Ridley, Aisha Sasha John, Stevie Howell, and Suzannah Showler.

You can read the full interview here.

Michael Lista’s Most Anticipated Poetry Collections 2014

Michael Lista’s poetry column in The National Post, on Jan 3, 2014, featured some of the books he can’t wait to read this year. He was kind enough to mention my book. Another reason to try and get it done! From the article:

2014 is shaping up to be a big year for Canadian poetry, with new collections by Griffin Prize winner Ken Babstock, Lemon Hound purveyor Sina Queyras and Jason Guriel. Here are three books I’m looking particularly forward to.

Stevie Howell (Goose Lane Editions) — On something of a tear for the last two years, poet and critic Stevie Howell’s poems seem to be getting better by the hour. Her debut, its title the Egyptian hieroglyph for water, is poised to make a splash.

Suzannah Showler — Failure to Thrive (ECW Press) — Cerebral but musical, the thinking lateral but still propulsive, Showler’s debut finds her skepticism field tested without turning into cynicism.

Jeramy Dodds — The Poetic Edda (Coach House Books) — Coach House editor and Griffin Prize nominee Jeramy Dodds follows up the colossal success of his debut with a translation, from Old Norse, of the 13th-century collection of heroic and legendary tales, The Poetic Edda.

You can read the full article here.

Two poems in Maisonneuve


Two poems, “Airporter Driver, Ex-European Tour Guide, Through Canmore Says,” and “A Sketch,” are in the December 2013 Maisonneuve. The cover matches them well, accidentally. One’s a bit about that movie, “The Edge,” with an attacking grizzly; the other’s a bit about Buffalo. Though both, not really.