“I think about going to work a lot, clocking in. I think about going on my lunch break. Not being able to eat lunch because I didn’t have no money. Bumming cigarettes from people walking by me on the street. I think about sleeping on people’s couches and not being bummed out about it because I knew I was on a quest and I knew God was testing me. I didn’t mind it at all. I think about a lot of those moments, man. I don’t think about the darkness much because the darkness doesn’t benefit my future. But in order to start over, I had to go back and think about a lot of moments where it all began.”

—Kid Cudi



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4 poems in Arc

Arc cover

The new issue of Arc came out July-or-so, 2014. Lotsa great stuff in there, as always. I’ve written lots of reviews for Arc, but this is the first issue with my poems. Four poems of mine are in here: “The Golden Girl,” “Crunches,”  “maat,”  [<<this doesn’t show up well because it’s too small–it’s the feather of the goddess ma’at], and “Ballad of Blood Hotel.”