An incomplete list of things I loved and found in 2015

I can’t believe the year’s almost over. I’m nowhere near almost over it. This year, especially, art seemed to rescue me. That’s in small part because the my days were messier and more uncertain than they’ve been in recent years, and in large part because (I’m convinced) we’re living in some kind of revolutionary era, with exciting and original voices emerging and cracking the canon, expanding the shape and size of space. Here’s to no one feeling small in the new year, finally, unless its via experiencing art, which makes you small in a good way—with an awe that makes you more a part of things than you were before.

Fave Fiction

  • Ling Ma – Los Angeles, in Granta
    “The house in which we live has three wings. The west wing is where the Husband and I live. The east wing is where the children and their attending au pairs live. And lastly, the largest but ugliest wing, extending behind the house like a gnarled, broken arm, is where my 100 ex-boyfriends live. We live in LA.”

Fave Essays

Fave Poetry Books

  • Liz Howard – Infinite Citizen of the Shaking Tent
  • Ben Ladouceur – Otter
  • Bardia Sinaee – Blue Night Express (chapbook)
  • Nick Flynn – My Feelings
  • Carl Phillips – Reconnaissance

Fave Poem 

Fave Albums

Fave Song

Fave Films

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