2 new poems in The Rusty Toque

The Rusty Toque kindly has just published two new poems of mine — “I never saw a thing in the wild feel sorry for itself,” & “Hollow all the way down.” I’m extra stoked because it’s such a great mag, & because these two poems are some of the first pcs to be published from my 2nd manuscript.

I should mention that the title about “a thing in the wild” is taken directly from a poem by D. H. Lawrence, whose free verse poetry & philosophy of “poetry of the present” is an enormous influence on the project/my entire life going forward.

Review: ‘Sharps’ in Matrix Magazine

I’m grateful to Roxanna Bennett & Matrix Magazine for a new review of Sharps. I’m so appreciative of her insight. + my book is just shy of its “terrible twos,” and it’s a pleasant surprise people are still finding it & finding some love for it!

QUOTE: “But grief / has an unknown half-life” Stevie Howell writes in “The Guard,” a poem placed before the title page of ^^^^^^ [Sharps], a blistering debut collection. This certainty is indicative of Howell’s work, an unblinkered engagement with the uncomfortable, a fearless interrogation of pain.[Sharps] scrutinizes death in all forms; of old age, illness, murder, and presents a pure grief untainted by sentimentality. Howell demonstrates a singular willingness to examine subject matter that is often ugly, and employs language with masterful skill and surgical detachment.

Read the whole thing here.