Chapbook “Summer” nominated for bpNichol Award

Really thrilled to tell you my chapbook, Summer, from Desert Pets Press, has just been announced as a finalist for the bpNichol Chapbook Award. We launched this on Oct 29, 2016, so it’s really a lovely anniversary gift! I’m living in & going to school in New York right now, & it’s a challenging transition, so this nomination is a deeply appreciated tether to my hometown & the community of writers who’ve raised me up.

I tend not to be nostalgic, but I have an inordinate amount of nostalgia for this chapbook. I wrote about some painful personal things in it, but I also played a lot w/ form & space in a way that was also really joyous. But I think so much of my nostalgia is rooted in the wonderful work Desert Pets Press did on the flow & layout. Stuff I’m so grateful they imagined! Just like the cover itself is split between light & dark, the second half of this chapbook features black pages, w/ white text. That section contains one long poem, “Dew,” which I’ve described as a “children’s picture book w/o pictures.” I am still so awed at how Emma Dolan (designer) & Catriona Wright (editor) shaped this work into such a beautiful artifact.

It had a print run of 100 copies & is now sold out, & that’s sort of good in that it relieves me here from seeming like I’m writing some kind of advertorial for myself…

New poem in The Rialto

Really stoked to share that I’ve got a new poem, “In the gutter, under the moon,” in the really excellent publication, The Rialto, out of the UK.

A million thanks to the editors for welcoming my sad little poem.

Poem up for a National Magazine Award

A poem of mine is up for a National Magazine Award. The poem is called “Talking w/humans is my only way to learn,” & takes its title from Microsoft’s twitter bot, Tay. That phrase was her mantra in the 24 hours she was… Awake? Alive?

The poem was originally published in The Puritan by guest editor Sonnet L’Abbé, in the Irish journal Banshee, & it’s in my chapbook from last fall, Summer. Enormous gratitude to these publishers & editors.

There are so many great poems on this list, & I am happy to call many of these talented poets my friends.


News: Incoming Poetry Editor at This Magazine

O hai! I have some news. This Magazine just hired me as the new poetry editor. I’ll be trying hard to keep up w/the great work Dani Couture has been doing there for years. The incoming fiction editor is the excellent Andrew Battershill. You might know this already, but This Magazine has been in print since 1966, & has published some of Canada’s most important & progressive writers.

If yr interested, the magazine did a Q&A w/us.


New poem in Southword

I’ve got a new poem is about my first job—at Arby’s—in an Irish journal called Southword. Also mentioned in the poem: The Smiths, The Exploited, Charlie Chaplin, a book/film by John Irving (The Hotel New Hampshire), & a book/film by Christopher Bram (Gods & Monsters).

Here’s the poem.

New poem in Boaat Journal

Really happy to say that I’ve got a poem in the latest (January/February 2017) issue of Boaat Journal.

I have to thank Shane McCrae & Sean Shearer for including me in their excellent publication.

You can read the whole thing here, online.