Poets Series portrait

Poetry is so weird & wonderful. I never imagined that writing poems would lead to having a portrait done. This painting is by the multi-talented artist & poet Melanie Janisse Barlow, as part of her Poets Series. In her own words:

“The idea behind the Poets Series is to paint portraits of living poets and let each poet pick the next as a practice of praco-poesis. More simply put, I hoped to create a round robin of poets. I began this work by crowd sourcing poets to begin each branch. I asked the poets who were picked if I could paint a portrait of them, and if they wouldn’t mind selecting the next poet to add to the series. The response has been astounding. As the beginning poets included other poets, and the archive began to grow, branch by branch into an amazing narrative of contemporary poetry. The Poets Series is a celebration of the complex tangle of living poets that belong to a loose archive.” 

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