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Goose Lane Editions, 2014.
ISBN: 978-0864922045.

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Gerald Lampert Memorial Award citation for Sharps:

Judges’ Comments: Stevie Howell’s writing, in Sharps, has an inevitable quality, as though there is no other way to say what she wants to say. There is a wonderful mixture of high and low culture achieved with enormous skill. Her writing is original, skillful and quite often humorous without being self-consciously that way. Howell is always asking questions and answering them in ways that are quite often totally unexpected. Her choice of words have implications that make a careful, considered reading necessary. She comfortably inhabits a poetic world of great depth and richness. She writes, “Anything can happen, and it will./ The question is, to whom.”



Cover Copy for Sharps

Ken Babstock on Sharps: “These poems are coded emergency and emergent code: hail, cut glass, cathedrals, systems, skeletons, and scorched earth. Stevie Howell has found a fault line underwriting Reality and turned this fissure, this terrible brokenness, into a lens. She sees the queasy, exact particular and can phase from its contours into metaphysics and back before we can see the ground shifting. An astonishing debut. An astonishing collection, full stop.”



‘Really, Really Hip’

Don & Stevie

Don McKay: “So our publisher Goose Lane sent us on this tour and the idea was, it’s a study in contrasts. You know.
I’m male. Stevie’s female. Stevie’s young and hip. I’m old and…really, really hip.”



How to say the title of my book, ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^


Hieroglyphics on the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel

^^^^^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^^  is the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that represented “n,” water, and all prepositions in a sentence. You can see it in the image (inside the cartouches, the rounded rectangles above). And it was the most recurrent hieroglyph on the Rosetta Stone.