So much things to say right now

130708-bill-callahan-dream-riverThe good news: I’ve got a poem in the Montreal International Poetry Prize anthology. Also have a pamphlet forthcoming this November from Odourless Press, to be called Looting the Museum. I have three poems in the current issue of Riddle Fence, alongside the fantastic Jeramy Dodds and my pal Andy McGuire.

More good news: my husband, Neil Harrison, is nominated for the RBC Painting Prize.

Less great news: I’ve got a month-old concussion that’s rainbowed itself from misty-eyed loving tenderness for stangers and nature to utter impatience with almost everything….

Except Bill Callahan’s newest album, Dream River. It is more zen than that Zen Combo they sell in the brochure on the airplane (“a blanket, a pillow, and an alcoholic beverage”). It’s got that flute-y, refractive, all-yellow-ness ’70s vibe movies had (before everything went satanic and sideways). Think Days of Heaven, without the murder.